The New Hutch

The other day, I came out to make my tea and found my hutch absolutely covered in dust. Except, when I looked closer, the dust was . . . moving. Ugh! It really, really creeped me out and I instantly woke Irving up and told him we had been invaded by minute insects.

He was considerably less perturbed than I.

He looked at the hutch, said it was termite leavings and headed back to bed. I dragged him back and showed him that the stuff was actually moving. We googled it and discovered that we had wood mites. Upon opening the hutch, ALL the dishes and food was covered. I was horrified. Irving was stoic. He said he?d clean it up, but he needed more sleep first.

I hate bugs (smart choice to move to Guatemala, huh?) and while big bugs are icky, teensy tiny bugs are just horrible. They can get into places where you will never get them out. You can?t get rid of billions of dust-like specks!! I was having a really hard time with the wood mites, thinking of everything they had gotten into. They aren?t dangerous, but just the thought creeped me out.

So we cleaned. We dragged the hutch outside and all the stuff inside was pulled out. Everything was infested. Tears may have been shed over the harmless, but insanely tiny bugs. I threw out a lot of stuff.

To make a long story short, we decided not to put the hutch back into the house. The hutch was handed down to me from my MIL and it was in bad shape when we got it. A couple years ago, Irving sent it to the carpenter across the street for repairs and he painted it a hideous dark brown. HIDEOUS. I hated that stupid hutch. The doors fell off, so they were mostly propped against the front because the wood was too rotten to put new hinges in. It was one of those things you say you?ll replace when there?s more money or whatever.

Well, it was time.

We hit the market and I trailed behind Irving and Dorian with the other two kids so no one would think I was buying. He hiked up and down the row of furniture shops long after the boys and I gave up and sat on the concrete sidewalk and ate Tortrix. Finally, he came back and said that he?d found a price. A good one.

See, I wanted a little hutch, two doors wide, with a natural finish. For some reason, Guatemalans seem obsessed with this dark brown furniture that to me is just awful. I can?t stand dark furniture, especially in the kitchen. Unfortunately, the only hutches in natural finish were big ones, three doors wide. And they were more expensive. We were quoted anything from Q1,200 to Q1,500.

Irving had managed to talk a guy down to Q850 for a large hutch that I liked. So we got it, they hauled it to our house for us and that was that. Here?s the new hutch:

In the kitchen:

And the old hutch, which has been banished to the laundry lean-to:

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