Thirteen Months

Dominic is now officially one year and one month old. Crazy how fast it’s going.

He has mostly just been growing over the past month. He can walk, but prefers to crawl, since he tends to fall down often. Though he will stroll away from the couch when no one is looking and if you look at him, he laughs and falls down.

He uses a fork to eat and will sit waiting for utensils before eating most of the time. He’s actually better than his big brothers at eating neatly with a fork! Not sure how that happened, but he’s pretty darn good at it.

Sleep has been an issue for a bit. Dominic has had quite  few nightmares lately, so nights are tough. It might not help that he is a papa’s boy and Irving is gone most of the time now for Lent processions and veladas. He’ll be gone even more for Semana Santa, but when that’s over, we should be good.

Dominic is also obsessed with phones right now. If he hears one ring in a movie or in real life, he puts his hand to his ear and says, “Allo? Allo?” He is also enjoying our concrete and spends most of his days outdoors at this point. I’m so glad he has that chance! He gets into the dirt as much as possible and water and helps destroy his brother’s houses that Dante builds with extra wood. In short, he stays very busy all day long!

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