Thirteen Things I Love About Being a Mom

Posted on November 29, 2007 - Filed Under 13 Things |

 I always swore I would never get married or have kids . . . so much for that, huh? Anyway, while it is really a challenge to be a mom, it does have its good points.

1. Kids make great conversation openers when you meet new people, no need to talk about weather or sports when you can discuss tantrums and ages.

2. Cuddling with a toddler is the absolute best. I know it won´t last, but for now, I just love it when Dorian asks to curl up on the bed with me and just be hugged.

3. I like having an excuse to do silly stuff like bang on pots or dribble sand through my fingers.

4. Buying or making cute clothes is so much fun and you know your husband would never let you dress him in cute hoodies.

5. Having kids brings back a lot of memories of when I was small and I enjoy reliving those experiences through my children.

6. I love being the one Dorian runs to when he´s scared or hurt. In a perfect world, he´d never be frightened or scrape his knee, but since he does, I´m proud to be the mama that can comfort him and kiss things better.

7. Listening to baby and toddler talk is a lot of fun. It gives you something to laugh about every day and I´m just astounded at how fast Dorian picks up new words.

8. Bedhead. When I used to babysit, I thought it was so cute how little kids wake up with fuzzy hair sticking out all over the place . . . now I  get to enjoy it every day!

9. Having company when Irving is away on a music tour is nice. Well, it alternates between being nice and being rather annoying and exasperating . . .

10.  Food. Yum. Kid food is so good . . . I´m happy to have an excuse to eat stuff like chicken nuggets, mac and cheese,  and carrot sticks . . . though since our dietary change, we haven´t had much of the chicken or pasta.

11. What could be sweeter than that excited, “MAMA!” when you come home after an hour or two at the shops? I rarely go out without Dorian, but when I do, he is just SO excited to see me come home.

12. My absolute favorite has to be watching Dorian´s little face light up when he gets something he really wants. It would be so easy to spoil him to death . . . but then we´d lose that excited look when we hand him a pinwheel or a new toy car.

13. Watching kids play on their own is so much fun. Sometimes I just sit in the doorway and watch Dorian pour dirt into his tub or drive his cars around the gravel pile, chattering away to himself.


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  1. Ev Nucci on November 29th, 2007 9:51 am

    They are sooooo precious when they are little. When people used to say to me that they grew up fast, I would not my head and say yup, yup…thinking they didn’t know what they were talking about.

    There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do to turn back time. I walk by #2’s bedroom now and stop. My heart is about ready to burst out of my body…because he will be gone is just five to six months. I can barely believe it. It will never be the same.

    There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do to go back in time and cherish a few more days of when they were little.

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