Thursday Thirteen: The Bucket List

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So my sister and I were chatting last night about how we`ve done so little with our lives and we decided to make our own bucket lists and encourage each other to do the stuff on them. Perfect for a Thursday 13, though obviously there are more than 13 things on my list, but I thought I`d share the best ones here.

1. Write a book. A real, paper book. Unfortunately I have a million different ideas, so the biggest issue right now is simply picking one to write on!

2. Make a movie. This is something I`ve wanted to do for ages, but I think I just need to buckle down and do it. We have one camera, so a documentary would work at this point, I think. Obviously, where I live is a good starting place. I`m thinking about trying one on the ghosts of Antigua.

3. Buy land. Where we live right now is ours (well, in the boys` names), but it`s so small that I would like to buy a piece of land where we could have a little farm, with chickens, a garden, etc.

4. Make a quilt. Something I`ve thought about so much and have never done, though I started once, but Irving in his cleaning frenzy threw out my squares (he thought they were scraps). Hence my need for my own space before attempting any more crafting.

5. Travel. The locations vary widely, I want to see Italy, Spain, Thailand, Vietnam, Australia and Ireland. I think it would be great to take the boys to these countries when they are older. It could even be part of their homeschooling . . . we study an area of the world, then go there to live for a couple of months.

6. Ride horseback on the beach. Incidentally, this is on my sister`s list, too, so we might try to do that together when she comes to visit.

7. Sell a painting for more than $100.

8. Teach a course in something. Anything really. I love to teach and I`d like to see if I could actually make some money at that.

9. Run a writer`s retreat. Yet another dream my sister and I share and have been thinking about and sort of planning together.

10. Act in a movie or TV show. Ever since I was 6 and saw a school play, I wanted to act. As a teen, I spent hours in front of my dad`s camera (again, with my sister, seeing a pattern here?) practicing dialogues and monologues. I took acting lessons, acted in every play or church skit I could get my hands on and at 17, decided to head to Vancouver to try my luck. I had headshots, a demo reel, everything. Why I didn`t go is a long story and one I`m rather bitter about, so I`ll leave that out of this post. I`ve even acted in a theater group here in Guatemala.

11. Raise my boys to be great men. Ok, this should be number one, but they aren`t in order of importance.

12. Write an article and get a byline in a major print publication. Ghostwriting pays the bills, but really, if I were to die today, what have I got to show for it? A million articles without my name on them. :(

13. Get minimum of blue belt in Karate. Obviously, black is better, but I`m not sure I`ll have time for that before I get old and decrepit. At the same time, I need to get my body back in shape. I used to play soccer and did karate twice a week . . . I was in smoking shape! Sigh. Miss that body!


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