Time Flies

I keep thinking I just posted here and then I looked and there hasn’t been a new post in May. Oops. Time just flits past me these days. So, what’s new around here? A few things.

Dominic has had quite the vocabulary explosion. He is using full sentences more often now and has started saying “me” and “I” instead of referring to himself in third person or just skipping that bit. He’s been practicing lying, as well, which is pretty normal for this age, if I remember correctly. He spilled water on the floor the other day and climbed onto the couch. When Irving asked him to get a mop and clean it up, he said, “Yo no hice NADA!” (I didn’t do anything!) We reminded him that he DID spill the water and he had to clean it up anyway.

He has also been copying his big brothers in things like climbing on furniture. He very proudly called us over the other day and showed us how he can climb over the back of the sofa. He was very excited about his success! We have to remind the big boys not to set bad examples by jumping off furniture though, because he’ll try that, too and fall.

Over spring break, both big boys made big leaps in reading and writing. I was even presented with some stories they wrote! I love this stage. Notes are constantly landing on my desk, comics are being designed and written and they even collaborate on some projects. It’s so much fun to read what they’re thinking! Dominic is getting into it, too. He wants to do school every day with his brothers and he tries to write, as well. We have some dry erase books that he uses on a daily basis.

The rainy season seems to have shown up and it’s been nice to have cooler days and cloudy skies. After the intense heat of last month, this is a welcome change. Makes it tougher to dry clothes, though!

What’s up with you?

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