Tis the Season to Work Your Butt Off

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ChristmasI don`t know about you, but Christmas is hard work, especially if you plan to make your own gifts! We aren`t going to make everything, but even so . . .

It`s a lot of work.

This year, I really want to make December special for my boys. They`re big enough now to appreciate things like Christmas crafts and cookie making and all that. For Dorian, this is probably the first Christmas he`ll actually remember in years to come. So I want to incorporate some family traditions and make sure that the house is actually decorated nicely this year!

We will put our tree up on the first of December, as always. I`m working at making some more ornaments for it, but I`m sure the boys will enjoy some salt dough cookie painting, as well!

Here are a few other things that are in the works at the moment:

  • Christmas jammies (I actually drafted the pattern and have the tops made out of test fleece so far, the real stuff will be done shortly)
  • Warm chenille hats that I`m crocheting for all of us
  • Advent Calendar (plans are drawn up, just need the fabric and to figure out how to make the tiny ornaments)
  • Cross-stitch ornaments with sparkly thread

And some stuff that I`m still planning . . .

  • Car cushions for two little boys
  • A nativity scene . . . possibly made of felt or clay
  • Gingerbread house and cookies
  • Garlands to hang over our very bare windows
  • Some sort of wreath for the door
  • Christmas music cd
  • Napkins and tablecloth
  • Christmassy placemats

Of course, the boys` gifts all need to be made as well. I`m so glad I finished their stockings last year! I wouldn`t have had time this year because I`ve been swamped with writing work lately (which is TOTALLY COOL, btw!). And, now that Irving got my sewing machine running, sort of, I`ve been sewing up a storm and it`s so much fun! Every night I work on crochet hats while we watch a movie and then it`s back to writing work before bed. Hopefully I`ll be able to share more photos soon!


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