Turn That Baby!

We went to the doctor last night and found out that while Dominic is nice and healthy (as am I, though I?ve gained back all but 9 lbs that I lost, sigh), he?s breech. Not good at 34 weeks. The doctor was a bit worried after feeling the baby?s position, so he got out the ultrasound and checked amniotic fluid levels. The good news? Dominic has lots of fluid, so he has another week or two to get his head pointed down. And if he doesn?t? Well, we?ll be scheduling a C-section for the third week of February.

I have only had natural births and C-sections have always sounded pretty scary to me, but I have to admit, the idea of being able to say, ?I?m having a baby on THIS day? is pretty darn appealing with the way work is. Not appealing enough to actually do it if I don?t have to, but it didn?t scare me as badly as I thought it would when he said that we were looking at surgery. Still, we?ll be working to get the little guy flipped around and hopefully he?ll show up at the end of February, just like he should.

In other news, the ultrasound weight estimate was that Dominic is already 7 lbs. SEVEN POUNDS, folks! I nearly had a heart attack. Dorian weighed in at 7 lbs 6 oz, Dante was 8 lbs. Even the doctor said, ?Um, it looks like this is going to be a really big baby!? Of course, a lot of babies born here seem to be 5-6 lbs, so when Dante was born, the nurses were stunned that he was so ?huge!? and told me they were impressed I pushed him out so quickly. I?m thinking it won?t go so quickly with a 9-10 pounder. However, some of the ladies in my due date club informed me that an ultrasound estimate can be up to 3 lbs off, so hopefully he?s a little smaller than that. Unless he plans to flip around and come out next week, in which case, it?s fine if he?s seven lbs already.

And finally, we talked to the doctor about the hospitals that he works in and he gave us a MUCH better price than we?d previously heard. Nearly half the amount. While it?s still a bit much for us at this point, there may be a possibility of having Dominic in the private hospital, depending on how well I do with work in the next six weeks. We shall see.

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