Ups and Downs

I had postpartum depression with both my older boys and I was really hoping to avoid it with Dominic. So far, so good, I think. However, there are always ups and downs with the arrival of a new baby and the craziness of all those extra hormones and being a blogger, I thought I?d document them.

Up - Dominic is starting to smile at everyone.
Down - He has decided that sleeping is for the birds and screams all night long unless I have him in the sling.

Up - Breastfeeding is going very well in terms of latching on and all.
Down - I don?t have enough milk. :( I?d really hoped to do 100% breastfeeding, but between what appears to be genes and the diuretics, it?s just not happening.

Up - I?ve lost a total of 30 lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight . . . so maybe being sick the entire pregnancy wasn?t all bad.
Down - I STILL don?t fit the XXL girdle that Irving got me.

Up - My C-section scar is FINALLY healed, as is the skin around it that had an allergic reaction and then a yeast skin infection.
Down - Weird stuff is going on in my abdomen. The dr. assures me it?s normal, but I feel like there?s a big rock in there . . . it?s apparently the interior stitches.

Up - I quit my job, so I now have time to actually enjoy my children.
Down - Dominic doesn?t agree with my plan and needs a lot more attention than anticipated.

Up - The boys love their baby brother and are both big helps when it comes to distracting him or bringing me things.
Down - They think they can do more than they can. I was in the other room yesterday and heard Dante say, ?Hey, I can carry the baby!? I yelled for him NOT to carry the baby and ran out to find Dominic perfectly safe in his car seat, though tilted to one side.

Up - I have a new cot mattress on my bed so it?s finally comfy enough to sleep on.
Down - I don?t actually get to sleep on it much these days.

Up - I can finally eat anything I want without getting sick and throwing up!
Down - I still can?t eat chocolate or cabbage or avocado because they make the baby sick.

Up - Irving has tons of work for Lent and Semana Santa . . . he?s double booked most weekends, so his brother has to fill in for him.
Down - He?s gone all weekend. :(

Yup, there are lots of ups and downs. But they?re not THAT bad. I could really use more sleep, I?m feeling pretty sleep deprived. And a minute to myself without a baby wailing in the distance would be nice, but that will come. For now, we?re just trying to work out the best position on the couch that lets baby stay in the sling and Mama get a few minutes of shut eye.

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