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I have a lot of bits and grits that don`t fit into a post by themselves, so I`m just going to combine them all into this one. Hope it isn`t too confusing!


Our table is a hit. Both boys, immediately upon receiving a snack or a drink, run to sit at the table and Dorian insists that EVERYONE be present, even if only he is eating. lol.

Both boys are more interested in staying at the table when they`ve finished eating, just to hang out. We have been turning the TV off and we all sit and chat about stuff (usually such toddler friendly topics as diapers and food and crayons!). The boys fool around and we almost always end up laughing. It`s really great and a far cry from the zoned out family sitting on chairs and sofa watching TV!


Today Dorian “sold” me two used teabags. For two quetzales, one Q per tea bag that he fished out of the garbage can. :S I encouraged his entrepreneurial spirit, but I think he might need to work on his product a bit. He doesn`t negotiate either, it was two Q or nada!


The whole moving Dante into Dorian`s room has gone terribly awry. We had plans to do it this past weekend, but suddenly the boys are waking up all night long. Dorian was up SEVEN times last night! Why? I don`t know. He wanted water, he thought it was morning . . . it was just weird and it`s been like that for 3 nights now. Bizarre. Almost like they know the big change is coming!


Yesterday, Dante stabbed a pencil into the roof of his mouth. It was quite gruesome, but he seems to be ok now. But for a few minutes I thought I`d have to take him to the hospital, as he choked on the blood. It was pretty scary and Irving wasn`t here, so I was trying to figure out if Dante was going to be ok or if he was really, very seriously injured. He stopped crying after a couple of minutes and wanted food, which he ate with no problems. The bleeding stopped pretty fast, too, thank goodness.


Dorian is really into tea right now, since I`ve gotten rid of coffee. So, every day he begs for “teefth”. Yesterday, I was preparing the cups, putting sugar in while I heated the water. I turned my back for a second and Dorian grabbed his cup and tipped the sugar into his mouth!

“Dorian, what are you doing? That was for your tea!” So what does the little guy do? He SPITS it back into the cup! Ewwww!


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