Weird Spanish

The other day I was at the doctor getting my stitches out and it turned out that I had an infection. The doctor told me, ?Solo voy a destripar eso.? I was a bit worried. I didn?t know the word destripar, but it sounded kind of scary. Tripas means innards or stomach, so removing that didn?t sound like a great idea . . . turns out it was to squeeze the infection out of the wound. Which wasn?t as bad as it sounded in Spanish! It got me thinking about a few other words in Spanish that are just weird when you think about them, at least from my gringa perspective.

Resaltar - Meaning ?highlight?, but if you translate it directly to English, it says ?re-jump?. I just saw this on a Facebook ad for special jeans that ?re-jump? your curves. Uhhhhh . . .

Tiraleche - This is a breast pump. Leche is milk, which makes sense, but instead of saying pump or take out (I always get confused and call it a ?saca leche? which means remove or take out milk), tira means throw. So milk thrower? :S

Since I?ve been up most of the night, that?s all my weary brain can come up with at the moment, feel free to add your own in the comments! And for the record, I?m now on antibiotics and strict orders not to overdo things, because I apparently had a pulled muscle on top of the infection and that was why I was suddenly unable to walk again after semi-recovering for a few days. Oops.

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