What On Earth is Going On in Guatemala?

The kids and I have been ridiculously ill the past couple of weeks and while the boys are doing fine now, I’m still feverish and not doing a lot, hence the severe lack of posts here. However, some of you may have noticed that something is going on in Guatemala. Something big.

I’m not going to go into it all here, but you can read about what is happening in this Buzzfeed article. It gives a very good overview of things.

What I am going to talk about is my thoughts on this whole thing. I’m proud of Guatemala. This may not be my natal country, but it is most definitely my country now and I have never, in 13 years, seen the people of this country pull together like this. It’s amazing and beautiful.

Guatemala has a bad reputation for being violent. There have been many, many protests in the past, but never have I seen this many people involved, from every social level in this country, protesting . . . not just together, but peacefully! Millions of  people in cities across Guatemala are coming together, sick of the corruption and ready for change. Will it change? Will Guatemala become the country it has the potential to become? Maybe . . . maybe not. I don’t think it will happen all at once, but this, the people of Guatemala getting upset and taking a stand against corruption is what is needed here.

5 thoughts on “What On Earth is Going On in Guatemala?

  1. I think it will boil down to an honest election. If the current regime subverts the process, there will be trouble. The regular people are the ones out in the street today; they are sending a message to your current president that he is not above the law and will be held accountable no matter where he goes in Guatemala. The next quarter will be interesting for those of us who study Latin American policy, it will be very interesting for those living it.

  2. And it gets more interesting. I’m surprised he stepped down, resigned from office. Now the election: no one will get over the 50% baring fraud. So a runoff is more than likely.

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