When Did My Life Get So Dramatic?

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We had a little crisis this morning. Dorian woke me up early. Dante woke up because his brother was yelling. So, before getting the baby out of his crib, I decided to clean the floor, since there were bread crumbs and such on it. A nice ordinary task, right?

Not so much. See, last night, our water (the upside-down-five-gallon type) leaked. It was all over the floor and Irving mopped it up and left the mop there beside it. During the night, more water leaked out and so the mop was soaking wet this morning. I figured it would be a good idea to simply mop the floor with that water.  And that is exactly what I did. Then Dorian left the safety of the toy box and stepped onto the wet floor. His feet flew out from under him and he crashed down on his head.

He screamed so hard, he lost his breath and just gasped for air and then cried harder than I´ve seen him cry in a long time. See, Dorian is my little trooper. He´s never minded pain much. Maybe it has something to do with his having a colostomy at the age of 1 day, or maybe he was just born less sensitive. At 9 months, he had anal reconstruction surgery and amazed the doctors because he cried for 15 minutes after waking up from his surgery, then wanted to sit up and play. They sent him home the same day! And he never even complained. We had pain killing drops that I gave him to make me feel better, because he really didn´t need them. After major surgery! So, when he cries for more than five seconds, I know he´s really hurt. And he was really hurt this morning. He has a massive knot on the back of his head and I feel just awful.

Once Dorian calmed down, he asked for Dante. So I brought the baby out and was making breakfast when I heard a choking sound. Irving scooped Dante up and was slapping him on the back while the poor kid gasped for air. I quickly grabbed him, scooped out his mouth (only bits of concrete) and then flipped him upside down and thumped his back and he started to cry. It was a scary few seconds that seemed more like half an hour. And the thing he was choking on? A piece of the wall. Don´t ask me how this happened. I had just finished CLEANING the floor, remember, so there was nothing like pieces of wall on it!

My life was pretty normal up until I had kids. I mean, apart from the whole up and leaving my home country and settling in a third world one, things were pretty sedate. I got up in the morning, went to work, came home, had dinner with Irving, watched CSI or did some sewing or crochet. Hung out with my friends. It was nice. And boring.

These days, the drama never stops. Kids falling, eating the house, attacking each other . . .  I´m not even really sure of when things went from cute and cuddly to blood and guts and scary moments every day! I´m sure I´ll miss it when they´re grown up and gone, but for now, these boys are sure keeping my adrenaline levels up!


3 Responses to “When Did My Life Get So Dramatic?”

  1. Gloria on February 16th, 2008 9:12 am

    Oh dear, I hope both of them feel better soon. I guess kids that age gets adventurous, huh? At least you’re looking at things with a sense of humour (”kids eating the house”).

    I tagged you for a book meme by the way. Feel free to take it up or leave it.

  2. burntofferings on February 17th, 2008 5:17 pm

    Does it get any worse?? From going all gushy with ketchup (Tomatoe Sauce here in Aussie) to screams literally of pain… All in a matter of days…

    I do hope that they are all ok now though… Kids are pretty tough you know, they are over it pretty soon, leaving you (and us) to remember it for a much longer time. Did you go to bed thinking about it??

  3. Kimmie on February 19th, 2008 11:17 am

    Oh Genesis!

    I am glad you are all okay! I wish I could pop over and give you a break, sounds like you could use a day to yourself.

    Life with children can sure stir up the dramatic. I can hardly remember what life was like before the drama.

    mama to 6
    one homemade and 5 adopted

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