Will I Have You Forever?

The other night, Dorian was sitting on his chair, watching Curious George when suddenly he looked over at me and said, ?Mama, will I have you forever??

That?s a loaded question. How do you answer that truthfully without sending a child into a panic? I remember asking something similar of my mother at that age and when she told me that she would likely die before me . . . I spent months of nights worrying about my parents dying. Dorian is just as sensitive as I was, so I knew that telling him, ?Nope, I?ll be dead long before you? would send him into a tailspin . . . but I didn?t want to lie either!

?Well, people don?t live forever,? I said carefully.

?I mean, are you going to be here at home always, with me??

?I hope to be here as long as you need me,? I told him. And that was that. All he needed to know. I have no idea what brought this questioning on, but I am glad he wants me around forever. Especially considering that he told me earlier in the day, ?I will never, ever love you again!?

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