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As usual this December, I’ve been slammed with work. Last minute projects that everyone wants finished up before the holidays, but I think this year has been even worse than last . . . thanks to being on Elance. I’m still finishing up a couple of projects and Christmas is just a few days away.

We ended up finding some awesome deals on some games for the boys this year, so they’ll be getting several. I’m very excited because I actually found a copy of Candyland for them to play. They’ve been obsessed with it since they found a mod for Candyland in Minecraft and have asked to buy the game for months now. Well, I found it and cheap, so there will be some very happy little boys on Christmas morning.

However, we do like to give them some handmade stuff, too and despite working so much (Irving has been working nearly every day, as well) we managed to come up with some fun ideas. I designed these dragon heads to become hobby dragons and Irving cut them out of wood.

Irving took the boys to his band’s Christmas party today so I could work and while they were gone, I put some paint on the dragons. They’re far from being finished, but I think I’ll make it.

We are also making a wooden cookie matching game for Dominic, since many of the games are a bit too old for him yet. I saw it on a Montessori website and figured we could easily make them. Irving has cut out 24 wooden circles and sanded them, so now it’s up to me to get them painted by Christmas! I figure I’ll sew up a little bag to put the cookies into, though a cookie jar would be more appropriate.

Are you handmaking any gifts this year?

5 thoughts on “Works in Progress

  1. Did you ever have one of those dolls that has the buttons and zippers and ties and velcro and whatnot? I was going to make one for K’s niece, but when I went to the Bodegona to look for zippers–since I had no idea what sewing supplies cost down here and don’t brave the market without that info–the only zippers they had were too big for my purpose. The doll would have been about 2 feet tall. So, rather than give the girl a doll bigger than herself, I’m turning it into a cube with a zipper pocket on one side, some buttons and flaps on another, and a snap pocket on another. I’ll also probably put some felt numbers on another side. However, we leave for his parents’ house on Tuesday, and tomorrow we’re going to be shopping for other stuff; so I don’t know if I’ll finish in time!

    • I did have one as a child and was thinking of making some for my nieces, too. The zippers in the market are around Q5-10 and come in all sizes. If you go into the market in the third alley (I think) where the fabric shop Mil Colores is , turn left at the first alley and then right when you see a display of watches to your left, there are three shops that sell sewing supplies. I like the last one, attended by a woman. She’s really sweet and very helpful.

  2. If a zipper is too long, just cut it the right length from the bottom end and close that end back up with lots of whip stitches, ’round and ’round. Happy Holidays!

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