Writing on 3 Hours of Sleep

I’ve been absent lately because I have been getting tons of work via Elance. Probably too much. I have a tendency to overbook myself because I hate to say no to jobs that pay well, particularly since there is often little or no work.

Last night, I worked until four am and then slept for three hours before getting up to feed children, teach and start all over again. This is only temporary, of course, but it is allowing me to get a little ahead and save up some money. Next week should be much calmer! Unless more work comes in, of course. ?

4 thoughts on “Writing on 3 Hours of Sleep

  1. The saying in the iron house was: Make hay while the sun shines, in regard to overtime. An overtime shift was 8 hours after your first 8 and then back in the saddle 8 hours later. One had to “sleep fast” after the drive both ways and maybe eating and packing something for the next 16. It paid well. I managed a 50% down payment on a house after filling in for 6 months for a man who had been hurt.

    • Sleeping fast is a good way to put it. :) I worked like this when I was young, with three jobs, but it’s been a while since I’ve had enough to keep me busy around the clock as a freelancer!

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